Young Boy from El Salvador, Overcoming Similar Struggles as Lionel Messi, Realizes Dream of Meeting the Soccer Star

Football aficionados should know about this story that is inscribed anywhere there is a soccer ball.

The life of Levi Sandoval, a devoted football fan who enchants everyone he meets and watches play, is told in the little El Salvadorian town of Santo Tomás.

Levi was born with Russell Silver Syndrome, which inhibits normal growth, and doctors only gave him six months to live.

The characteristic of his syndrome is that he is underweight and short. We have been feeding him growth hormone for the past four years, but he does not produce it. It has been challenging, but he is a warrior,” Levi’s mother, Dulce María Sandoval, remarked.

When he learned that his hero, Leo Messi, would be playing for Inter Miami in El Salvador against the national team, his heart began to beat to a new beat.

He claimed that he first developed an admiration for the Argentine star during a game when he noticed that, given their stature, they both speak the same language of effort and battle.

“During a commercial break, they mentioned that Messi had a childhood issue that I also had, and that’s when I began to admire him,” Levi remarked.

Low-key debut for Suarez as Miami held by El Salvador

Levi’s mother continued, “He serves our Lord Jesus Christ; he is a Bible school teacher at our school. He is very intelligent; this year he is going to the first year of general high school with a diploma in English.”

Through the event organizers, the Sandoval family looked for the chance to realize the young boy’s desire.

“Thank God for the chance, my love. They are coming to the country to help me fulfill my son’s dream,” Dulce María said. “My son used to ask me to meet Messi when he played for Barcelona, and I told him, ‘Someday my love, God willing, I’m going to make his dream come true.’”

The fantasy is pretty specific: according to Levi, it would be amazing to even briefly meet Messi, take pictures with him, and have his autograph on a shirt.

An actualized dream

Inter Miami vs. El Salvador, resultado y resumen: terminó sin goles el  primer partido de Messi en el 2024

Following a program that aired on our sister station Telemundo 52, Meta Show—a firm involved in the Inter Miami match that took place in El Salvador on Friday, January 19—said it would fulfill Levi’s wish.

After realizing his desire of meeting Messi, Levi Sandoval will be able to affirm that no dream is too large to accomplish.

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