Witness the touching story of a woman rescuing a dog that had been locked up for days without food. ‎

The dog is a living thing that relies on us for its survival and that necessitates our love, attention, and respect; it requires food and water, but it also requires exercise, companionship, and the opportunity to run free almost as much.


We wish we didn’t have to tell the story of Hope, the gorgeous Saint Bernard dog, but the truth is that it’s more common than people think. Lima, Peru’s capital, is home to Villa Mara del Triunfo, where a distraught dog was discovered chained and alone by a concerned neighbor.

Allison arrived to find a hairy girl tied to a window with a heavy chain, completely abandoned by her caretaker. It turned out that the animal had spent a complete year in this predicament.


Thankfully, his savior arrived just in time. She’s been helping her get a new start in life ever then, and she’s even gone to the police about it. However, this was just the first step in a long battle to have the authorities intervene on the little animal’s behalf.

Some concerned neighbors have reported the situation in the past, but nothing has been done to save the animal. Alisson wrote in a post, “As you can see, the dog is still in that house to this day,” before he rescued the scared animal.


As a result of her exposure to malnutrition, this poor and innocent dog is now 25 kg less than she should be. She is also anemic, has otitis and dermatitis, and has several cuts and scrapes all over her body. The selfless Alisson has provided her contact information to anyone who want to aid Hope’s recovery.

He continued, “It fills me with impotence not to be able to do anything and to stand quietly by as this innocent animal suffers.”


The perpetrator of this despicable crime has not been found, and he has escaped punishment up to this point. The most crucial fact, however, is that Hope is on the road to recovery now because of the pressure that was applied and the empathy that was released in the wake of the case on social media.


Ultimately, the story of the courageous woman intervening to save an abandoned dog serves as a reminder that our actions can make a significant difference in the lives of animals. It inspires us to be vigilant, compassionate, and proactive in protecting and advocating for the welfare of animals everywhere.

May this story motivate us to stand up against animal cruelty, support animal welfare organizations, and promote a culture of empathy and compassion towards all living beings.

Thanks to the vet, Mar de Colas, Hope is clean and dewormed, but she still has a long road to rehabilitation ahead of her. I’d want to express my appreciation to everyone who shared my film. Alisson stated his gratitude to God and all that assisted him in his letter.

Thankfully, Hope will never again have to endure the harmful and worthless thoughts and actions, as well as the carelessness, of certain others.

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