Waiting at the business’s entrance for weeks, he had no idea that his father had passed away, underscoring the enduring loyalty and profound longing that dogs can display.

“Our furry friends are very special creatures, with an impressive sensitivity. They understand the true meaning of loyalty because they feel it in their souls, expressing the purest love for their loved ones.

Buboy is a beautiful street dog who left the streets to find a home at Mabalacat City College in Pampanga, Philippines, thanks to the care and love of Professor Carmelito Marcelo.

Over the past 4 years, Professor Carmelito has taken care of Buboy; he is always attentive not only with food but also with affection and love for him.

But unfortunately, the professor passed away after a few weeks in the hospital.

Buboy spent two weeks outside the office, knocking on doors in the hope of meeting his beloved teacher.

Faculty members and students of the school were extremely shocked to see this dog day after day waiting for his dear friend, not knowing that he would never see him again.

Kristina Demafelix, a colleague of the professor, said the puppy followed him everywhere.

In the morning, Buboy greeted him at the door with an affectionate greeting, and throughout the day, he followed him from class to class.

During lunchtime, they accompanied each other in the faculty office, and at the end of the day, Buboy said goodbye to the professor at the door, the same one where he would wait for him the next day.

But unfortunately, that happy morning meeting that brightened the lives of both ceased to exist.

Even when the teacher didn’t have classes, he went to the university to visit his puppy.

Kristina was very touched by the loyalty and love of this furry friend and dedicated some emotional words to him on her Facebook account.

“He considered you his family. When he didn’t have classes, the teacher went to school to look at you and give you food. You can’t express all the pain because you don’t know what happened.

Suddenly, he didn’t go to school anymore, but you’re still waiting outside the faculty office where they always met, you’re always waiting for his arrival.

Kristina said the first time she noticed the adorable little dog at the office door was while the professor was in the hospital. But when she saw that he was still waiting for her arrival, she knew she had to do something to alleviate Buboy’s anxiety and stress.

After the sad and unexpected death of the professor, Kristina took Buboy to the wake to help him say a final goodbye to his dear friend.

This adorable pup paid his respects by staring at the professor inside the coffin.

And when it was time to leave, he refused to give in, Buboy didn’t want to part with his friend.

Now that the professor is gone, all the faculty and staff are gathering together to take care of Buboy.

“The whole school is worried about Buboy.”

The school has certainly become the home of this wonderful little dog, and fortunately, the students and faculty staff will not leave him alone.

Hopefully, Buboy finds comfort in the loss of his friend. Sharing this touching story, our fluffy friends constantly amaze us with their boundless capacity to love.”

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