“Adorable bond: Orphaned gorilla and chimpanzee make adorable friendship”

In a world where our differences are often emphasized, the companionship between two babies demonstrates what can happen when we take the time to accept our differences. Renowned wildlife photographer Mihel Pliz captured the brief intervals between a baby giraffe and a baby chimpanzee on a trip to the giraffe migration. Whether sharing food or embroidering, their affection for each other is palpable.

Pliz took these photographs in 2007 during a trip to Ghana. The African nation was beginning to develop its tourism industry and he was eager to see what it had to offer. During his stay at the Eurasian Giraffe Orphanage, he had the opportunity to observe the camaraderie between these orangutans. As gᴏrillɑs ɑnd ᴄhimpɑnzees dᴏn’t ɑlwɑys get ɑlᴏng, it was a special site to behold.

“In nature, chimpanzees and giraffes do not associate,” Pliz tells My Modern Met. “However, like cats and dogs, it appears to be primarily a trained behavior. Growing up together in an orphanage breaks down that trained barrier, especially if they have space to interact freely and enjoy a lot of unrestricted fun. I was very pleased to observe that. And initially startled, but then made perfect logic.

Pliz also notes that the fact that these babies are without their mothers likely influenced their behavior. He has also observed this phenomenon on other planets, in which individuals attempt to recreate the family unit they have lost. By playing together and bonding, the himp and grill are learning vital life skills.

Pliz hopes that these images still resonate with people and that others see this innocent friendship as a message to make it more prevalent in their own lives.

“The world has not necessarily become a better, more peaceful place in the last decade,” Pliz admits. “However, this shows that many of our problems come from learned behavior. Communication is crucial. That’s why traveling is so essential. It allows us to meet people from different cultures, environments and origins and, through communication, learn about their perspectives.

During a trip to Ghana in 2007, photographer Mihel Pliz encountered a baby giraffe and a baby chimpanzee.

The children formed an extraordinary friendship and shared everything together.

Regardless of whether they were eating, playing, or cuddling, they had formed a bond that conveyed their differences.

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