A fisherman caught a strange pink-skinned creature off the coast of Cabo, Mexico. The entire ship quickly released him after learning his origin.

Earlier this week, a fisherman caught a strange pink-skinned creature off the coast of Cabo, Mexico.

“Sea Monster” has a strange shape as if it came from aliens with a fisherman’s hook

Photo of a pink and white alien creature with big black alien-like eyes and a swollen belly. Many people on social media have made different predictions about this strange creature.

The “alien” fish was published on social networks on March 29 and was captured by Jaime Rendón, the captain of the fishing boat Pescado. After being captured for a short time, the sea monster was returned to the wild.

Strange eyes and 3 gill slits on each side.

Jaime said he thought it was a sea monster because of its rough skin, three rows of sharp teeth, and three gill slits on the sides. However, scientists confirmed that it was an albino shark.

This albino shark is strange because it only has 3 gill slits, while normal fish have 5 to 7 gill slits on each side. The fish’s eyes are dark and strangely shaped. “I was surprised when I caught the fish, especially its eyes,” Jaime said.

This fish can breathe water or air to swell quickly.

The captain of the fishing boat Pescado thought that the creature was in danger, so he decided to return it to the sea. The characteristic swollen abdomen of albino sharks is the most recognizable feature of the bloat shark. This species can absorb water or air for a moment, causing the body to quickly “swell” and making it impossible for the enemy to swallow it.

Bloat sharks often have golden brown eyes and irregular dark spots on the body. Young fish are lighter in color. The pink and white color on the strange fish’s body is said to be caused by albinism.

The bloated shark has a slightly dark skin color.

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