A bird you can’t take your eyes off of Potoo caught on camera for the first time

The bird was actually a rare and elusive large potoo, a species of octal birds that feed on large insects and small vertebrates. At first glance, this creature might seem like a prosthetic from a movie set. To some it may seem like a good studio editing job. Except, it’s too real and too owпet.

In the Colombian village of Chibolo, a woman came across an extraordinary bird in a stool… The woman, who initially thought the motionless creature was a piece of wood, noticed the rare potoo bird when she approached the wall. The images of the women who recorded those moments attracted attention. A woman named in the village of Chibolo in the Magdalena region of Colombia encountered a common wood-feces bird. The woman, who initially thought the sleeping bird was a piece of wood, realized that the creature she saw was a rare potoo bird when she approached the feces.

The woman recorded the creature, also known as the ghost bird, on her cell phone as soon as she saw it. The images attracted the attention of social networks. The person who recorded the footage said: “When I first saw it, I thought the bird was a piece of wood, but when it moved, I moved closer. Later, when the bird opened its eyes and mouth, it scared me. I decided to record what I saw because I came across the strange bird. As I approached, I raised my hand, and he opened his mouth in response.” saying. Stating that she had visited the farm five times before having found no such creature, the woman said neighbors heard a distinctive voice.

Spread across the Southern Hemisphere, the potoo bird uses its camouflage ability to hide from predators. This creature, also known as the ‘ghost bird’, hunts in flight, and drinks during the day, is camouflaged thanks to its feathers similar to the color of tree bark and can sleep safely in trees. The potoo bird has eyes that provide excellent flight vision. The slits in the eyelids help predators perceive their movements even while they sleep.

These birds, which usually perch on broken tree branches or wooden posts, are not a nuisance. It hides its eggs in the hole it dug in the rotting bark. Potoo birds, which are very difficult to notice, feed on flies and insects. Fossils of these creatures, which measure about 38 centimeters long, have been found in Germay and Frace. But they are going to live in Europe today. You can see the video here: 


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