Thousands of unusual ‘penis fish’ wash ashore on California beach

During a recent storm, thousands of penis-shaped fish washed ashore at Drakes Beach in California.

The worm, often called the innkeeper worm, is a 10-inch marine animal that resembles a pink sausage.

Experts believe a recent storm forced the worms from their homes and forced them to shore.

The sea of ​​“penis fish” was discovered by biologist Ivan Parr on December 6 after a storm hit the area.

The worm, formally known as the innkeeper worm, is a 10-inch sea creature that looks like a pink sausage (Image: Kate Montana/iNaturalist)

For Bay Nature, biologist Ivan Parr: “The same photograph has been reported over the years at Pajaro Dunes, Moss Landing, Bodega Bay and Princeton Harbor.

“I’ve heard a lot of imaginative theories from homeless people, like the remains of a sunken sausage freighter.

“In truth, these are living inhabitants of our beaches roughly, but also fortunately, mostly called fat innkeeper worms.”

The worm is a type of spoon worm, it has a spatula-shaped limb that it uses for feeding and swimming (Image: Photo courtesy of David Ford)

The worm is a type of spoon worm, it has a spatula-shaped limb that it uses for both feeding and swimming.

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Innkeeper worms live in U-shaped underground burrows as temporary homes, which are then used by other creatures.

The animals have a life expectancy of up to 25 years and feed on bacteria, plankton and other small particles.

Experts have discovered that the existence of these creatures dates back 300 million years.

Experts have discovered that the existence of these creatures dates back 300 million years (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

These creatures are perfect food for otters, sharks and seagulls, but in themselves they are harmless and passive creatures.

Innkeeper worms are a delicacy in South Korea, Japan and China and are said to be chewy and salty, but surprisingly sweet.

It is often served with a savory sauce made with sesame oil and salt or a spicier sauce consisting of vinegar and gochujang.

Penis-shaped fish can be cooked or grilled on a skewer with salt, pepper, and sesame oil.


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