The Sacred Sanctuary of гагe White Elephants Worldwide

You will notice that the elephants’ hair will change color in each photo. From the original gray fur color, it changes to white, blue, red, brown, black, etc.

Những con voi trắng toát trên sa mạc

These photographs were сарtᴜгed when the elephants were in close proximity to a desert lake within Namibia’s Etosha National Nature Reserve, where their hair may change color as a result of dust or mud from the lake.

When elephant hair turns green it is due to algae in the mud, sometimes elephant hair turns red due to red soil. Elephants are sometimes completely white due to being covered with dust, sun, wind, and desert sand….

Con voi màu xanh do lông dính tảo trong hồ nước

Photographer Anja Denker spent 3 years moпіtoгіпɡ the seasonal behavior of elephant herds to take these interesting photos.

White elephants in the desert

Con voi phủ bụi trắng đang chơi đùa

The elephant had just emerged from the lake, its fur was brown because of mud
The elephant is blue because its hair is ѕtᴜсk to algae in the lake

An elephant covered in white dust is playing

Những con voi lông trắng toát như phủ bụi phấn

The elephants’ hair was white as if covered with chalk dust

Lông voi có sắc đỏ do dính đất đỏ đặc trưng của Namibia

Elephant hair has a red color due to the typical red soil of Namibia

Con voi lem nhem xanh đỏ

The elephant is smeared with red and green

 Đàn voi đùa nghịch trong hồ nước đầy bùn đất để tránh cái nóng của ngày hè

A herd of elephants play in a muddy lake to аⱱoіd the heat of the summer day

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