The name Lionel Messi continues to stir MLS ahead of the 2024 season as coaches at the tournament eagerly talk about the Argentine superstar

As the 2024 season approaches, the name Lionel Messi continues to stir up excitement in Major League Soccer (MLS), as coaches at the competition avidly discuss the Argentine superstar.

A photograph was taken of Champion World Cup 2022 and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo working out at the gym. He is getting ready to play in the Major League Soccer for the first time in its entirety.

An unfortunate injury prompted Lionel Messi to miss participation in the final stages of Major League Soccer (MLS) last year, which resulted in Inter Miami losing a position in the MLS play-offs. Messi was instrumental in bringing his new team to their first Leagues Cup triumph, but he was taken out of action due to the injury.


The Toronto coach, John Herdman, made the following statement to the media prior to the beginning of the Major League Soccer 2024 season: “Even as an opponent coach, everyone is all watching Inter Miami’s match schedule.”

The Major League Soccer (MLS) is currently experiencing a really exciting time since they have the best player. The league possesses the most advanced facilities, the most devoted fan base, and now we have the most accomplished athlete in the history of the sport, therefore the time is suitable.

It is clear that Messi’s presence has raised the awareness of the Major League Soccer (MLS) on a global scale, as evidenced by the skyrocketing sales of shirts, the increased demand for tickets to Inter Miami matches, and the increased attendance at the event. Moreover, the coach of Charlotte FC, Dean Smith, is of the opinion that Argentina’s win at the World Cup has fanned Messi mania in the United States.

“As soon as he arrived in Major League Soccer, there was interest from the fans throughout the world, as well as from the coaches all over the world,” stated the new coach of Charlotte FC. That is not going to decrease. Just fifteen months earlier, he had just collected the World Cup 14 trophy. It was a significant shift for the league, and I believe that most individuals in Major League Soccer now have a different viewpoint as a result of it.

More new team-mates for Lionel Messi! Inter Miami looking to add after  frustration of being snubbed by Boca Juniors' former Man Utd defender  Marcos Rojo |

Messi is going to have a difficult season in 2024 since Inter Miami is getting ready to compete in a number of domestic and continental tournaments, such as the Leagues Cup, the US Open Cup, the CONCACAF Champions Cup, and the typically lengthy Major League Soccer season, which consists of 34 matches.

In addition, players such as Jordi Alba, Luis Suarez, and Sergio Busquets are in the latter stages of their careers, which makes it difficult to ensure that they will be in good physical condition. Despite this, Emil Forsberg, a midfielder with the New York Red Bulls, continues to have a great deal of respect for the Florida club:

“When you look at those four players and what they have achieved together, it is hard to say that they are not the number 1 contenders for the championship.” As Forsberg put it.

During the preseason, Inter Miami will go to Saudi Arabia and Japan as part of their tour of Asia. However, on January 20, they will begin their preparations for the upcoming season by playing friendly matches against El Salvador.

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