The incredible running speed of the most famous four-legged chicken drives many people crazy (Video)

In the picturesque countryside of a small town, far from the bustling city life, lived a chicken like no other. This extraordinary bird was the talk of the town, and for good reason. Unlike any other chicken in existence, it had not two but four legs, and its running speed was astonishing.

The story of this remarkable chicken spread like wildfire and soon, people from neighboring villages and even distant cities flocked to witness this feathered wonder for themselves. It was said that he could outrun a running cheetah, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

One of the most famous forms of mutant chickens are androgynous chickens. They were born half rooster, half hen, very different.

It is worth mentioning that these half and half chickens have a clearly distinguished appearance. If we only look at one side, many people will think that it is a completely normal chicken, nothing unusual, nothing remarkable.

However, seen from the front, these chickens will surprise you with their clear appearance of half rooster and half hen.

Because they are hermaphrodites, these chickens are often infertile and cannot maintain the breed. However, there are also cases where the dominant sex’s gene will take over and perform mating according to the dominant sex.

The next mutant form of chicken best known to many people is the four-legged chicken. As we all know, normal chickens only have two legs. If the mutant grows to four legs, the extra two legs will have no effect.

In Vietnam, cases of four-legged mutant chickens have also been recorded in Hanoi, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Lao Cai… These chickens are also known as goblin chickens or monster chickens.

The mutant chicken without a fishing float is also one of the mutants in chickens. The part that accumulates the most fat and cholesterol in the animal’s body. When this part is missing, the horse’s tail usually hangs and the coat often loses softness due to lack of care.

The rooster that lays eggs is probably just a myth if there are no recorded cases, a rooster in Dien Chau, Nghe An has a “standard” appearance that knows how to lay eggs. Although he only lays a tiny egg, it is actually a chicken egg.

In the photo is the strangest mutant chicken in Vietnam, it was born with 4 legs, 3 wings, 2 holes for fishing, discovered by Nguyen Quoc Viet in Gia Nghia, Dak Nong in the chickens he raised. Although the mutation has many redundant parts, fortunately it can still develop normally because it is not greatly affected.

Logic chickens are a breed of mutant chickens with a strange appearance. The hospital is treating chickens that have had their tails removed and are still able to revive, walk and do their normal activities.

Not only are genetic mutations born, there are also cases in which chickens mutate in the maturation process. The image is a chicken called Hoor, numbered in the raw area of ​​the Aah pass. This caused his owner and the people to be surprised when he suddenly changed his sex from a mature hen to a rooster and crowed loudly.

But amid all the attention and curiosity, one thing remained true: the four-legged chicken had shown the world that, sometimes, nature could surprise us in the most unexpected ways. His incredible running speed served as a reminder that the wonders of the natural world were still far from being fully understood.

As the sun set over the town, the famous four-legged chicken continued running, captivating the hearts and minds of all who came to witness its extraordinary speed. And in that rural corner of the world, this extraordinary bird reminded everyone that the beauty of nature can be truly incredible.

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