The 32-Year Legacy Of Nairobi National Park’s Haven For Orphaned Wildlife

As we enter a new decade, let’s reflect on the Nairobi Nursery’s humble beginnings, which have spanned an impressive 32 years.

This sanctuary has played a crucial role in providing refuge for numerous orphaned animals, becoming a symbol of optimism and restoration.

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It is home to 16 elephants, including the beloved blind rhino Maxwell and the mischievous giraffe Kiko.

Join us as we delve into the extraordinary history of this haven through the lens of Angela Sheldrick.

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A Conservation Gem Unveiled:

The story of the Nairobi Nursery traces back about sixty years to Captain Archie Ritchie, Kenya’s first Game Warden.

Despite the changes over time, Nairobi National Park remains authentic, as Ritchie emphasized.

The park, a treasure on a global scale, continues to thrive as a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, even amidst Kenya’s rapid human expansion.

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The Sheldrick Legacy:

In 1986, the Sheldrick family’s connection with Nairobi National Park deepened when an orphaned elephant named Olmeg became a resident near their home.

What began as a personal commitment evolved into the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Nursery, now a vibrant sanctuary for up to 36 baby elephants simultaneously.

The Nursery is a testament to their dedication, providing round-the-clock care for these orphaned elephants.

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Nairobi’s Unique Ecosystem:

Nairobi National Park, spanning 44 square miles, boasts diverse animal life within various habitats.

From open plains to dense forests, the park’s landscape fosters the coexistence of different species.

The Mbagathi River, deep gorges, and distinct plant life contribute to this unique ecosystem, creating a microcosm of nature just a stone’s throw away from the city center.

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A Sanctuary of Solace:

For Angela Sheldrick, Nairobi National Park is not just a home; it’s a treasure. The park serves as both a tribute to the past and an optimistic glimpse into the future of conservation.

While the park may no longer host freely roaming herds of elephants, the Nursery ensures that orphaned elephant calves find solace, healing, and a renewed sense of purpose until they reintegrate into the wild.

In its unique way, Nairobi National Park stands as a testament to the resilience and hope within the realm of conservation, embodying a haven for the majestic African elephant and other orphaned souls.

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