From Nursery to Wild Adventures: Tagwa and Tamiyoi’s Unforgettable Journey

In July last year, Tagwa, a beloved elephant matriarch, left the Nursery for the Voi Reintegration Unit. Unfortunately, her return was prompted by a tusk issue, causing infection and pain.

After eight months of dedicated care, Tagwa, accompanied by her companion Tamiyoi, resumed her journey to the wild on May 11, 2020.

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Tamiyoi, Tagwa’s nurturing second-in-command and leader of the Nursery herd, bid farewell to the younger orphans.

Maisha and Nabulu now lead the Nursery herd in Nairobi. The duo’s journey to Tsavo was smooth, thanks to the Kenya Wildlife Service’s support amid the pandemic.

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In Voi, a heartwarming reunion awaited Tagwa and Tamiyoi. Familiar faces from the Nursery, like Mbegu, Godoma, and Ndotto, welcomed them enthusiastically.

Emoli’s protest aside, the group explored the abundant surroundings, with Tamiyoi delighting in new plants. The scorching Tsavo heat led Tagwa to rest briefly, surrounded by fellow elephants.

An unexpected joy was Mashariki’s return, a seven-year-old elephant who had joined a wild herd.

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Despite the option to join older orphans, Mashariki chose the dependent herd, showcasing her strong bond with them.

Rescued at seven months old, Tagwa and Tamiyoi’s transformation from vulnerable babies to confident elephants is remarkable.

In Voi, they’ll form vital friendships with older orphans and wild elephants, guiding them toward independence.

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While the process is gradual, celebrating this milestone for Tamiyoi and Tagwa invites them to witness their incredible journey from the Nursery to wild adventures.

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