Celebrating New Life: Sunyei Welcomes Seventh Elephant Calf at Ithumba

In the heart of Ithumba, where nature’s wonders unfold, a joyous occasion occurred on Tuesday, November 16.

Amidst the playful antics of tiny elephant calves and the joyous splashes of orphans in the mud bath, an air of celebration reached new heights as Sunyei made a grand entrance with her latest miracle by her side.

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Accompanied by her firstborn, the spirited Siku, and a gathering of ex-orphans, including Olare, Ishanga, Lualeni, Naserian, and Makireti, the atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and excitement.

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Noteworthy was the absence of Mulika, yet her presence was felt through her daughter Mwende, illustrating the tight bonds within this extended elephant family.

Yatta and her team of ex-orphans had arrived just minutes before from the western slopes of Ithumba Hill, creating a supportive circle of friends for Sunyei.

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In the early hours of Tuesday morning, surrounded by lifelong friends, Sunyei welcomed her newborn into the world. The calf has been named Saba, meaning ‘seven’ in Swahili.

This poignant name signifies Saba as the seventh calf born to Ithumba ex-orphans in 2021, commemorating the arrivals of Kaia, Njema, Noah, and Yogi.

Additionally, it pays homage to the two calves, Mumo and Galana’s newborn, who, though not with us, are remembered.

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As nature takes its course, especially in the challenging dry season, Saba symbolizes hope and resilience.

She enthusiastically explores her surroundings under the vigilant eyes of her older sister, Siku. The mud bath and shade become her playground, showcasing a healthy and lively demeanor.

For the dedicated Keepers witnessing Sunyei’s motherly care, it’s a testament to the success of the Orphans’ Project.

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Rescued in 2003 after being found in a dry riverbed, Sunyei, appropriately named after the Samburu word for “sand river,” has flourished into an exemplary mother.

From the Nairobi Nursery to the Ithumba Reintegration Unit, Sunyei’s journey reflects the transformative impact of second chances.

In this season of new life, surrounded by the offspring of once-orphaned elephants, the Ithumba family takes pride in the legacy created by the Orphans’ Project.

Each new calf is a living testament to the enduring beauty of giving these magnificent creatures a chance to thrive and contribute to the rich tapestry of elephant life.

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