Significant revisions to Golden Foot awards as Lionel Messi aims to solidify his football legacy

The prize that Lionel Messi failed to win has declared some upcoming adjustments.

For the past 20 years, the Golden Foot has recognized the top player over 28 for their accomplishments in a given calendar year.

Golden Foot awards make key changes as Lionel Messi bids to complete  football once and for

Journalists conduct the voting, yet the prize is the epitome of exclusivity because winners are barred from competition for a period of time.

Among the illustrious group of previous winners are Cristiano Ronaldo, Mo Salah, Luka Modric, Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Andres Iniesta, Francesco Totti, and Robert Lewandowski.

However, despite his outstanding on-field exploits and eligibility since 2015, eight-time Ballon d’Or champion Messi has never taken home the trophy.

Lionel Messi has a 'Golden foot' and it's valued at £3.4 million

Nevertheless, the captain of Argentina and Inter Miami still has a chance because Golden Foot founder Antonio Caliendo announced some significant modifications to the award.

The award is usually given out at the end of the calendar year, at the same time as the Ballon d’Or.

Lionel Messi's Golden Foot - Arts & Collections

However, starting in 2024 with the 21st edition of the awards, it will now be presented in the summer.

‘The Champions Promenade’ on the Monaco waterfront bears the imprints of the winners, including Roberto Baggio, who was the first recipient back in 2003.

While a female version of the award was given out last year, future winners will be able to recognize their peers in a new category.

Golden Foot awards make key changes as Lionel Messi bids to complete  football once and for all

The first winner was Swedish striker Kosovare Asllani, who has played for teams including AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Paris Saint-Germain.

Lewandowski, the striker for Barcelona, was also honored last year and was unable to contain his pride.

“I’m very happy and proud,” he declared. I can now feel proud of myself since I know how hard I worked to earn this award, therefore it’s a great honor for me.

“If you see the list of the names, the winners of this trophy, it makes me even more proud.”

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