Seeing images of children with deformities who were born to pet snakes, Guy is amazed.

The most fascinating animal mothers and their birth processes.

The most fascinating animal mothers and their birth processes.

Motherhood is a beautiful thing and it is no different in the animal kingdom. From babies to squid to turtles, there are some really fascinating parenting processes that mom animals go through. Here’s a look at some of the most incredible animal mothers and their parenting processes.

CraƄ MomsBaby mamas are some of the most possessive mothers in the animal kingdom. They keep their butterflies inside their stomachs, which is actually an exoskeleton on the underside called an apron. Once the eggs are fertilized, they leave the body of the cage and settle under the apron. The apron is actually the curved lower part of the abdomen and has small appendages to which the eggs attach. When girls are 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧, the apron is meant to keep them safe. Also, the bottom tends to come off once the flies are big enough. It may sound scary, but the entire process is completely painless for craƄ moms.

Squid laying eggsDull-eyed giant squid give 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡 to their tiny copies as they light up the ocean with stars. A female squid can lay up to a thousand eggs at a time, a behavior that has never been seen before. In 2012, a team of researchers discovered that deep-sea squid raise eggs in clumps of huge gelatinous masses that hold them in their arms until they hatch. This is a parental care approach for deep-sea squid species.

In Yolk Sac Tortoises, a small story emerged from one of the turtles’ eggs. Struggling to crawl towards planet Earth, the new conjoined siƄlings were seen sharing the same yolk sac. Since the owners were very curious about their surʋiʋal, they took a risk anyway with dental floss to separate them both from this misery. It worked perfectly well and the twins are doing great in the incubator, drinking water and feeding. Their names are BuмƄleƄee and Yellow Jacket.

Worst Parents Ever While most animal mothers are fiercely protective of their young, there are some who are the worst parents ever. Take the Australian magpie for example. These birds have been known to abandon their young if they cannot feed them. They will even go as far as to

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