Witness the extraordinary event of a rare baby albino turtle that was born with its heart exposed outside its body (Video) ‎

An adorable albipus tortoise has shot himself while his heart is beating out of his chest. Tiпy Hope has such a large copy that there is no name for it as a veterinary medicine and it is amedectopia cordis for humans.

Images of a baby albipus turtle have emerged, exciting both onlookers and marine life enthusiasts. However, this small reptile, known as Hope, has one big difference from most other albipus tortoises: its beating heart is outside its body. Hope’s owner, Mike Aqυiliпa, said he cares for the little turtle at his home in New Jersey after a breeder friend gave it to him.

TOP IMAGES SHOW A SEA TURTLE SWIMMING FOR THE FIRST TIME AFTER GETTING A PROSTHETIC FLIPPER “Hope has affected my life in such a way that it really excites me,” Aquilipa said in comments obtained by the Daily Mail. “It’s so small and so “Scary, the most delicate thing, but it is afraid.”

“People can see that and she has a lot of people supporting her all over the world,” Aquilia, 29, copied. “She is spreading hope and at the same time giving me hope. “Hope has changed my life for the better in such a short time.”

Michael Aquilina, popularly known as AquaMike on Instagram, has been caring for the Albino Pinkbelly Sideneck Turtle at his home in New Jersey, USA, since his friend Gerard sent it to him. (Credit: Caters News) This condition has not yet received a name in veterinary medicine, although a similar condition known as ectopia cordis affects humans. It is seen in one in every 126,000 births, according to HealthLine.

Although its cause is not precisely known, it is believed that it may be due to chromosomal abnormalities, exposure to intrauterine medications, or rupture of a fetal membrane or yolk sac. Although most fetuses with copdition die (in small cases, some babies survive the first few days and look extremely serious, the copdition has resolved in utero), Hope is working. But Aqυiliпa said she is taking “common sense” and providing her with extra care, including keeping her water “extra clean” and mistreating her as little as possible.

MUTANT TURTLE WITH TWO HEADS STILL ALIVE AFTER 3 MONTHS I have opted for a more paternal approach like a completely sterile operation,” he said. The goal is to keep your deformity clean and your immune system strong. I can’t risk another turtle accidentally puncturing his heart chamber. He added that she can be exposed to other turtles when she is less susceptible to infections, but “in order to live, she has to live in a bubble.” Food and medicine are provided, allowing Hope to swim and enjoy her life, Aqυilipa said, adding that plans are currently in place to correct the problem.

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