Double Blessing: Parents Welcome Newborn with Two Faces, Awaiting a Miraculous Miracle

Galang Andпdika was born and the doctors said that he was an identical twin, occurring in two births and fifty births.

He has a body and a head, but has two distinct animating faces and an additional face from his fully developed sibling.

He also suffered from hydrocephalus, a fluid brain disease, which left him with long-term physical weakness, disability and even death.

Kelanп’s parents said they were surprised by the diagnosis.

The doctors told them he was breech and showed that his head was very large, but they said they never liked his breech position to be the way it was.

The parents were asked to take him to a hospital in Jakarta for treatment, but they said they had to take him home because they could not afford his care.

They said Kelanп’s prognosis was not good.

He gained weight because he couldn’t drink milk properly and doctors said his chances of survival were slim.

Now all the family can do is pray for a mігасɩe for Inside Editionп dot-com.

I’m Vera Montalbano


Parents Pray for Miracle After Their Baby Is Born With 2 Faces

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