Oh my God! Huge cats that live as domestic pets

2. These cats are as big as some dogs. 3. Can you believe Savannah cats can grow to the size of dogs? 4. If you’re looking for a larger-than-life feline companion, consider a Savannah cat – they can reach the size of small dogs! 5. Did you know that Savannah cats are known to match certain breeds of dogs in size? It’s true: these incredible felines are truly impressive.

The origin of the popular Instagram cat breed can be traced back to a cross between domestic felines and African wildcats known as servals. However, this breeding method has generated controversy as some people believe that it is inappropriate to domesticate wild animals. In case you’re curious, here are some photos of servals in action, one hunting and one resting.

Savannah cat owners often refer to them as a feline that resembles a leopard in appearance but has the demeanor of a canine.

According to the RSPCA, many feral cat traits still exist in some domesticated cats, making them unsuitable as pets. They believe that domestic life goes against their natural instincts and it is unfair to keep them in that environment. Meanwhile, these cats do have a peculiar appearance as they go about their daily activities.

Additionally, these spots are very large for feline creatures. Just check out this furry one on the account!

Now that we are familiar with their identity, let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Savannah cats hanging out in their favorite environment: their owners’ cozy living rooms.

Let’s face it, Instagram is pretty amazing. And seriously, how can you be a real person with such a perfect diet?

The feline that appears on our Instagram account, @catspurrfectandclaws, is as big as a piece of furniture commonly used for working or studying: a desk.

Check out my Instagram page @catlooo_catsofswitzerland where you can see my furry friend who is currently taking a well-deserved rest after a long day chasing my feet. He knows my two cats: one of them is always on the prowl!

These guys have some really strong legs.

11. Oops, looks like we have a baby on Instagram! Welcome, Savannah. 12. Here comes the little sun worshiper.

Here’s an interesting fact about Savannah cats: Did you know that some of them have ginger-colored fur? Check out our Instagram page @catlooo_catsofswitzerland for more fun facts!

Meet Mango, the Savannah cat with a mythical presence that’s hard to miss. Follow him on Instagram at @mango_the_savannah to witness his crazy speckled coat and unique red hair color.

On Instagram it is common to see people walking their Savannah cats on a leash as if they were dogs due to their relatively large size.

Hello! Visit our Instagram page, @tresspottedcats. We share photos and videos of our three adorable feline friends. They love to climb trees and explore their surroundings, so we often take them for walks and let them roam freely. Follow us for a daily dose of cuteness!

The ears of this creature are truly remarkable.

Take a look at its tongue: it’s quite a sight! You can get a glimpse of this adorable feline’s tongue by visiting his Instagram page, @savannahcatfans.

Look at his paws.

Look at this handsome boy.

21. Wow, look at those captivating eyes on display.

Wow, that eyebrow is really something else.

23. Imagine a bobcat resting comfortably on your couch.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. It is a popular app for people to show their creativity, connect with friends and family, and explore new content from around the world. With features like filters, hashtags, and stories, Instagram has become a go-to destination for visual storytelling. Whether you post photos of your pets, share travel adventures, or promote your business, Instagram offers endless possibilities for self-expression and engagement with others.

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