From Orphan to Mother: Naserian’s Miraculous Journey in the Wild

Seventeen years ago, Naserian, a vulnerable orphaned elephant, faced rejection as she desperately sought connection with wild herds.

In a poignant attempt to join a passing group crossing the Uaso Nyiro River, she encountered continuous resistance, symbolized by a member pushing her underwater—a stark reminder of her solitude.

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Rescued in 2004, Naserian’s life took a transformative turn. At the Nursery, she formed an unbreakable bond with fellow orphan Wendi, who provided solace on her first night.

Together, they navigated the Nursery and successfully reintegrated into the wild at the Ithumba Reintegration Unit.

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Recently, a heartwarming reunion unfolded at Ithumba. The sun revealed a changed Naserian by the fences, accompanied by her newborn calf.

Joined by ex-orphans Wendi, Sunyei, and their wild-born daughters Wema, Wiva, and Siku, the reunion was a jubilant occasion.

Not having seen these elephants since April, the introduction of Naserian’s newborn marked a poignant moment.

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The healthy and active baby, Njema, meaning “good” in Swahili, was supported by Wiva, now six years old, and Wendi’s daughter—a beautiful cycle of care, as Naserian played a crucial role in raising Wiva.

After indulging in water and lucerne, the group ventured into the bush, later joined by experienced mothers Kinna and Yatta.

Naserian, eager to showcase her newfound motherhood, revealed Njema to her extended friendship group from the Nursery.

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Naserian’s journey, from loneliness and adversity to this miraculous reunion, exemplifies the resilience and beauty of life in the wild.

For her, the chance to raise Njema with friends by her side is a testament to the strength of the bonds forged in the face of challenges.

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