Naipoki’s Return: A Healing Journey Home

On the morning of August 24, the Voi Keepers were taken aback to find Naipoki outside the stockades after several months of absence.

Naipoki, who had transitioned to Edie and Mweya’s ex-orphan herd in 2019, arrived alone, a departure from the herd’s typical travels together.

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It was evident she sought assistance when the keepers noticed a mildly infected wound on her rump, causing discomfort.

Separated for months, Naipoki rejoined the Voi stockades with a minor injury on her rump. Her return was met with joy, particularly from her reunion with Panda.

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The SWT/KWS Tsavo Mobile Vet Unit was called to address Naipoki’s condition.

In contrast to challenging field treatments, this intervention was straightforward. Dr. Poghon administered a tranquilizer and cleaned and treated the wound with the fences.

Though the cause remained unknown, it was likely inflicted by a stick or an arrow. Treated with antibiotics, Naipoki’s wound is expected to recover fully.

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Naipoki, visibly on the mend, spent quality time with Voi buddies, especially Panda. Nightfall saw her snuggled up with orphaned animals in the corrals.

Despite the operation, she embraced her time back home, relishing the company of familiar faces.

Meet three extraordinary elephants – Naipoki, Suswa, and Ndoria – a testament to the marvels of the natural world.

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Their majestic presence and playful antics are genuinely captivating. These gentle giants share a profound bond with caretakers and each other, exploring savannahs and indulging in mud baths to beat the heat.

Despite traveling about 80 kilometers from Tsavo West, where Edie and Mweya’s herd resides, Naipoki returned to Voi, emphasizing the enduring family ties among elephants.

This reunion underscores the comforting notion that orphans can always return for care and support, showcasing the everlasting nature of elephants’ family bonds.

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