Strange birth: arrival of a two-headed calf and the curious reactions of the local community.

The two-headed calf in Soc Trang has been soaked in alcohol. On the afternoon of May 13, the chairman of the people’s committee of Vinh Hai commune (Vinh Chau city, Soc Trang province) announced that the temple had immersed the two-headed calf in alcohol today. Regarding the incident of “controversial two-headed calf worship” at a temple in Vinh Hai Commune (Vinh Chau City, Soc Trang Province), on May 13, Mr. Tran Van Thanh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Vinh Hai Commune, Vinh Chau City, Soc Trang Province, stated that after removing the internal organs and drying them in the sun, Tra Set Temple placed the corpse of the two-headed calf in a glass box and poured alcohol to submerge it.

“The abbot of the Tra Set temple said that immersing the two-headed calf in alcohol would allow visitors to come here and have the opportunity to admire it. We have been persuading and explaining to people that a two-headed calf is a normal thing, so no one comes to light incense and worship. The place for dipping the calf in alcohol no longer has an incense burner,” Thanh told Zing.

According to previous information from Dan Tri newspaper, on May 8, the mother cow of Mr. LSL’s family (49 years old, resident of Tra Set Village, Vinh Hai Commune, Vinh Chau City, Soc Trang Province) She gave birth to two calves with heads.

This calf had 2 heads, 2 necks, 2 spines on a body with 4 legs and 1 tail. However, the calf died on the night of May 8.

Instead of handling it at home, Mr. L. called the abbot of the temple TS and the abbot asked his family to bring the calf to the temple. A charity box was placed in the temple, with 4 candles and an incense burner placed around the body of the calf.

On the morning of May 9, the temple performed a necropsy on the calf, removed all the internal organs and treated it with medicine before drying it in the sun. On May 10, the temple continued to dry the two-headed calf in the sun, and many people came daily to watch, light incense, and worship the two-headed calf.

In an exchange with Zing, Mr. Lam Minh Hoang, head of the Department of Livestock and Veterinary Medicine of Soc Trang Province, stated that the two-headed calf in Vinh Hai had two heads and two spines, which was a case of conjoined twins. However, due to chromosomal abnormalities of the mother cow during the process of embryonic cell division, the deformed mutant calf was born.

“A two-headed calf or a two-headed snake is a normal thing, but the occurrence rate is not high. It is possible that during pregnancy, the mother cow was exposed to toxins, which affected the fetus and caused a deformity. In my opinion, the temple should not display it because if pregnant women see it in the temple, it will affect their psychological state,” Mr. Hoang shared.

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