Woman rescues bear from closed zoo and they become lovers

Although Russia’s coat of arms is a double-headed eagle, the bear is Russia’s unofficial mascot, and some might say it is even more popular and widely associated with the country. While the rest of the world prefers cats and dogs, apparently only Russians may prefer bears as pets. Today’s story is exactly about that.

Novosibirsk resident Veronica Dichka can proudly say that Archie is her faithful companion. Archie, who is also from Novosibirsk, was initially rescued from a circus by Maya Kirsanova when he was a puppy. He lived in a safari park along with some other bears until it had to close due to the pandemic. As time went on, it became increasingly difficult to maintain the shelter, and that’s where brave Veronica came into the picture and adopted him. It’s worth mentioning that Veronica previously worked with the bear on some photo shoots, but she was just an acquaintance of Archie. But now they are inseparable and the photos you will see below are a testament to their special relationship.

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Meet Veronica and Archie, a bear rescued from the circus two years ago because he didn’t have enough food.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

Veronica later adopted Archie, as the bear had no reliable shelter after the local zoo closed due to the pandemic.

Créditos de la imagen: dichkaaaaa

Archie nació en cautiverio y no podría sobrevivir sin la ayuda de los humanos.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

The unlikely couple are from Novosibirsk, Russia, and have a jovial relationship.

Archie is very intelligent, he knows many tricks and is very disciplined.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

Verónica is a model, professional dancer and passionate about fishing.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

Archie recently even joined Veronica on a fishing trip.

Archie is very well fed unlike before. He doesn’t even need to hibernate.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

Veronica knows the true meaning of a bear hug

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

they spend every day together

Archie sees Veronica as a member of his family. They share food, Archie sleeps in her arms and hides behind her when he is afraid.

Image credits: dichkaaaaaa

Archie and Veronica are happy to have each other

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