Messi Lifestyle Apparel Brand Flourishes with Hilfiger’s Expertise and Support

Within the context of the market for leisure apparel, The Messi Store has established itself as a brand that is both distinctive and intriguing. Ginny Hilfiger, the designer and creative director of the company, and Maria Sol Messi, the brand manager, are working together to achieve the primary objective of the brand, which is to add to the already outstanding list of accomplishments that Leo Messi has achieved.

Messi Lifestyle Apparel Brand Continues to Grow Under the Collaboration of  Hilfiger | Fashion Week Online

In the same way that they bring the same degree of intensity to their luxury lifestyle gear, the brand, which is founded on Messi’s personal core principles and vision, intends to bring the same level of intensity to the pitches.

Footballer Messi launches premium fashion brand

“Life is about choices, sacrifices, determination, and hard work,” said Leo Messi. “Who I am today is shaped by these factors coming together at different points throughout my career. I am excited to bring the same core values and ambition to my personal lifestyle brand.”

Footballer Messi launches premium fashion brand

With over two decades of experience within the fashion industry, Ginny Hilfiger brings her expertise to the line in carefully chosen color palettes, signature details, and modern designs. Beginning her career alongside her brother Tommy, Ginny is responsible for designing and launching Tommy Jeans, H by Hilfiger, and the TommyxGiGi collaboration. Ginny was also responsible for the beginning of the rebranding of Fila globally in 2013.

Footballer Messi Launches Premium Fashion Brand, 59% OFF

“When I made the decision to pursue this collaboration, my objective was to always remain true to Leo and to push the boundaries of what it means to be celebrated as a decorated soccer icon,” said Ginny Hilfiger, who is the Creative Director of the brand. As is the case with Leo’s own style, our designs are centered on the idea that they are uncomplicated and easily accessible to everyone.

Footballer Messi Launches Premium Fashion Brand, 56% OFF

On the other hand, the extremely powerful team does not end there. Furthermore, the brand extends a warm welcome to Maria Sol Messi, the brand manager. Maria Sol Messi is Leo’s younger sister, and she has spent her entire life pursuing her passion for fashion and trends.

Barcelona launch for new Leo Messi fashion brand - AS USA

“It is a refreshing, contemporary, and casual collection that can be worn by people of any age,” the designer said. As stated by Maria Sol Messi, the Brand Manager. In the same way that my brother is a humble person who has very clear thoughts about what he wants, the lifestyle brand represents something about him.

The Messi Store carries a range of traditional male things that are available for purchase. These items include jackets, high-performance polos and trousers, as well as graphic t-shirts and sweatshirts that are on the edge of fashion. Leo’s sense of style is mirrored in this collection. Currently, preparations are being made for a stressful summer that will be packed with significant events that are associated with Messi’s professional career.

Barcelona Launch For New Leo Messi Fashion Brand AS USA, 60% OFF

Concerning The Messi Store

Leo Messi’s qualities, both on and off the field, are represented in the Messi Brand, which is a company that specializes in the production of fashionable, high-end lifestyle wear with great craftsmanship and attention to detail in every seam. Our goal is to achieve precision, perfection, and humility in everything that we do.

Ginny Hilfiger, whose previous work includes designing for FILA, Tommy Jeans, and herself, is the founder of this company. We support artisans who are masters of their skill, regardless of the skill they are currently doing. Football players, freestyle basketball players, musicians, and artists are all included on the list. For those who are driven by the desire to achieve perfection, the Messi brand is here to support you. Due to the fact that you will not settle for anything less than the very best when it comes to “mastering your craft,” we place the same level of importance on precision as you do. The state or reality of being exact and accurate is one that is referred to as precision.

With the goal of inspiring aspirants to realize their full potential and achieve success both on and off the field, our mission is to motivate them. Following the completion of the most memorable game of your life, you should continue to perform at your highest level. If you are passionate about everything in your life and will put in the effort to achieve your goals, then good things will come your way. At all times, strive to be the finest possible version of yourself.

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