Messi and Inter Miami’s tour to China fell into chaos when one match was canceled, the other match had to change location, making fans extremely upset

Both Messi and Inter Things go wrong on Miami’s trip to China. Fans in Asia were thrilled to see Messi come back for another tour after going to the Ballon d’Or event in 2023. It’s very possible that the Argentine legend will win his 8th Ballon d’Or at the ceremony in Paris on October 30.

Lionel Messi & Inter Miami see China tour descend into chaos as one  friendly game gets cancelled & another sees venue changed – leaving fans  frustrated | India



It was planned for Inter Miami to start a tour in China after the event. On the original plan, games were set against Hainiu Ocean on November 5 and Chengdu Better City three days later.

Messi ghi bàn sau 80 giây, - Báo Người lao động

The South China Morning Post, on the other hand, says that the match against Chengdu Better City has been called off. Many reasons have been given for this last-minute change of plans.

Lionel Messi sắp sang Trung Quốc du đấu, tạo nên cơn sốt khủng khiếp | Báo  Dân trí

Inter Miami and Lionel Messi will still play a game against Hainiu Ocean, though. But this match is also being changed. At first, the game was meant to happen at the Hainiu Youth Football Stadium, which has room for 50,000 people. It has been moved, though, to the Wuyuan River Stadium in Haikou, which can hold 41,500 people.

Messi é recebido com festa na volta a Pequim 15 anos após o ouro olímpico  da Argentina | GZH

Another problem is that the planners have given different information about when tickets will go on sale. Inter Miami fans are upset that the team is only playing one game in China.

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