Magic moment : Photographer captures rare photo of a bald eagle and its reflection

Some people believe that the perfect photograph does not exist. But this story will undoubtedly prove them all wrong. Steve Biro is an individual with a great eye for photography. During his visit to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy, he was able to capture a breathtaking and symmetrical photograph of an eagle flying close to the surface of a pond.

Even though Steve is an amateur photographer, he is currently bathing in the glory of his photograph that captures one in a million rare phenomena. It is all thanks to his encounter with Bruce the bald eagle. Apparently, Steve had been paying a visit to the Canadian Raptor Conservancy in Ontario when he came across one of the sanctuary’s most popular inhabitants. The bird had been attempting to brush off Steve away from the place where he was perched.

The impressive photo captures the bald eagle forming an eye shape with its wings as it flew over a lakeCredit: News Dog Media

The majestic bird flew very low and close to the surface of a small pond and locked eyes with Steve, and this is exactly when Steve captured these photographs. This gave the human the opportunity to capture some gorgeous photographs of the bald eagle staring right at the camera as it glided freely above the reflective surface of the water.

Bruce showed off his incredible wing span as he swooped over the waterCredit: News Dog Media

He seemed interested in what photographer Steve Biro was doing, looking towards the camera several timesCredit: News Dog Media

The still water perfectly reflected the magnificent birdCredit: News Dog Media

Steve took several shots before he managed to capture the perfectly symmetrical ‘eye’ photoCredit: News Dog Media

Bruce took a rest on land after he’d finished posing over the waterCredit: News Dog Media

Among all the captures taken by Steve, one photograph won over his heart. This photograph is none other than the one with the perfect symmetrical reflection of the beautiful bird flying directly towards Steve. “He’s squared up perfectly, both wings are touching the water” Steve commented on his capture. Even though he was not sure as to how people would respond to his image, there is no doubt that people loved the photograph for it went viral instantly and even ended up on the cover page of Reddit.

Steve began photography a few years back and has been continuing it as a hobby because it brings him joy and makes him feel as if he were looking at the world with the eyes of a child and in a new perspective. Not only did Steve become famous for his photograph, but he also got the chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Isn’t that just amazing? He is never going to forget this beautiful encounter for sure.

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