Celebrating Life: Lualeni’s Second Miracle in the Elephant Family

Our elephant family is overjoyed to announce the arrival of its newest member, baby Lexi, born to the resilient Lualeni.

Lualeni’s journey, from being an orphaned elephant to becoming a loving mother, is a testament to hope and strength in the face of adversity.

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Lualeni’s story began in 2004 when she was found alone and abandoned at the Taita Hills Sanctuary, just a few months old, desperately searching for her lost herd. The belief is that she lost her mother to poachers.

Despite enduring immense pain and loss, Lualeni not only survived but has now become a mother twice over.

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Overcoming Lualeni’s grief was a challenging process. Following her rescue, it took almost four months for her to connect with other orphans and embrace her new surroundings.

The turning point came when Lualeni suddenly transformed, displaying joy, playfulness, and newfound energy—a pivotal moment for all who had witnessed her struggle.

Lualeni, despite her traumatic past, has proven to be an exceptional caregiver. She has consistently cared for fellow orphans since her time at the Nursery at the Ithumba Reintegration Unit.

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However, her intense desire to nurture led to some humorous challenges when she transitioned to wildlife, wanting to “kidnap” dependent orphans.

Becoming a mother fulfilled her longing for her herd, and in 2018, she gave birth to Lulu, our 30th known wild-born calf.

The journey continued, and on 7 January 2022, Ithumba Head Keeper Benjamin discovered a small calf among a herd of former orphans, including Lualeni.

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Lexi, the energetic and inquisitive newcomer, was identified as Lualeni’s offspring, making her the second-born in this remarkable elephant family.

Tsat’s lush, green oasis has provided a thriving space for elephants like Lualeni and her family to explore beyond their usual spots.

Lulu, now three years old, has embraced her role as a big sister, looking after Lexi, surrounded by an affectionate family and plenty of playmates.

The transformation of the landscape has allowed us to witness Lualeni and her family on several heartwarming occasions.

In celebrating Lexi’s birth, we honor the resilience of Lualeni and the hope she brings to our growing elephant family.

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