LOVE FOREVER, ANGEL! Legend Angel Di Maria retires from the national team

Angel Di Maria retires from the team!

Di Maria đến Juventus: "Bà đầm già" hoàn tất chiếc đinh ba

Legendary Angel Di Maria, the hero of the finals, the scorer who brought home 4 championships for Argentine football, has just officially announced that he will retire from the team after Copa America 2024. Below is a brief translation of the article. his on Instagram:

Di Maria làm đảo lộn hệ thống phòng ngự Pháp | Bóng Đá

“So I played my last match in the World Cup qualifiers. I can’t express in words my emotions this last time. I was so happy with every moment of being together with these guys. teammates, without whom these fairy tales would not have been written.

Everyone’s love has helped make me who I am today. It’s a shame we could have prevented what happened at the (Maracana?) stadium, no one deserves to be treated so horribly. Families and even children were scared in a place where they could have been enjoying football. I hope this won’t happen again. We players always protect our flag and our people, there is no doubt about that.

Copa America will be the last time I wear the Argentina shirt. It was difficult to say goodbye to the best things in my career: wearing the blue and white shirt, burning myself for it, and feeling pride in it.

Angel Di Maria: Nhà vô địch song hành cùng Lionel Messi | Báo Dân trí

Thank you to all the fans. Thank you family. Thank you friends and teammates. We have and continue to make history, which will become eternal. Vamos Argentina.”

Thank you El Fideo for everything. He will forever be a legend. LOVE FOREVER, ANGEL!

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