Fishermen Scream As 15-Foot Sea Monster Emerges From Water After Latching On To Bait

Dan D’alessio, 34, and AJ Rotondella were in the water near the Treasure Coast, US, on April 4 when they caught a massive 15-foot sea creature, which is “the biggest they’ve ever seen.” ”.

A pair of fishermen were heard screaming after catching a massive 15-foot sea monster off the coast of Florida on April 4.

Dan D’alessio, 34, and AJ Rotondella were in the water near the Treasure Coast, USA, looking to catch sharks.

But they started to get scared when they ended up catching a huge sawfish.

In the video, Dan can be heard shouting, “That’s the biggest sawfish I’ve ever seen in my life!”

The private chef from Middletown, New Jersey, and his local fishing guide friend couldn’t believe they had found a sawfish, which is a critically endangered species ofextinction and can grow up to 7.6 meters after 10 minutes.

The creature they captured is estimated to have weighed between “700 and 800 pounds” and “between 13 and 15 feet long.”

After assessing the sawfish, the pair managed to safely release it before contacting the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to report the catch.

Dan said: “We weren’t trying to catch sawfish, but we landed them just 10 minutes after getting the bite.

“The sawfish is critically endangered. Certain areas have resident populations, but they are by no means abundant.

“They are not normally a threat to humans, but due to their size and the weapon placed in their face, they can be dangerous if provoked. They are very strong animals.

“There’s no way to know for sure how big it was, but probably between 700 and 800 pounds.”

After releasing the sawfish, the couple continued fishing and caught a bull shark.

The news comes after shocking footage captured the moment a huge tiger shark attacked an unsuspecting kayaker off the coast of Hawaii.

Scott Haraguchi was on the water filming his fishing antics with a GoPro when the ocean beast charged towards his kayak.

In the clip, the tiger shark is seen lunging towards Scott, opening its jaws as it crashed into the boat.

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