Lionel Messi’s $60 millιon ɑnnual contract doesn’t match up to Mιchael Jordan’s legacy

While he may have been conquering the world at large, he finally set his sights on American Soil. Since coming over, Lionel Messi has seen a warm reception everywhere he goes. Whether it be his humongous contract or love from stars of other sports, his assimilation with the United States has been nothing short of stellar. But, despite the contract, the maestro of soccer has also drawn inevitable comparisons. For a country where sports debates are the norm, the comparison for soccer’s greatest was obvious. Who else could it be but the NBA’s GOAT, Michael Jeffrey Jordan?

However, despite the GOAT talk reigning supreme, it has also brought an interesting difference to light. The gap in the two icons’ net worths.

Michael Jordan clears even Lionel Messi

Jordan is among the richest athletes ever. While his NBA contracts were exorbitant for the time period, his stellar business decision-making has netted him a very handsome sum. Between his forays into sports ownership, tequila brands, and other avenues, he remains the pinnacle of athlete-turned-businessman. So much so that his current net worth is almost 6 times that of Messi.

While the soccer icon stands at nearly $600 million, MJ’s net worth just saw a significant bump. After completing the sale of his Charlotte Hornets, his net worth is above the $3.5 billion threshold.

But, there is a curious case to note here. Even though Michael has transitioned into a business role, Leo remains an active player. By the time he wrapped up his career after 6 NBA Championships with the Chicago Bulls, His Airness stood at around $200 million.

In the same vein, Messi is already close to 3 times that amount. But, what remains to be seen is whether the 7-time Balon d’Or winner will follow up his storybook career with an equally successful business tenure. Only then could he bridge the gap between himself and Mike.

But, if his $30 million per year deal with Adidas and latest contract after coming over to the US is anything to go by, he might very well be on his way to that number.

The ‘smart’ contract

Coming over to the US after years of dominating competition at the European level was certainly going to come with a hefty price tag.

When the dust settled, the official number was close to $60,000,000. However, the savvy of the World Champion was in the fine print. Aside from the luxurious salary benefits, Messi will also receive a cut from the shirt sales. Further, Apple TV’s MLS subscriptions will also add to his net worth, as his contract nets him a share of that profit as well.

If his current acumen is anything to go by, Leo might very well be just as smart a businessman as he is a soccer player. And, if that indeed is the case, a certain GOAT from Chicago should be watching his back.

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