Lionel Messi spend his holiday with Antonela Roccuzzo on a luxury yacht

Lionel Messi and his best friend and former Barcelona FC teammate Cesc Fabregas celebrated Messi’s birthday, June 24, with their spouses and families in Ibiza, Spain. Messi and Antonela Roccuzzo have three children: Mateo (age nine), Thiago (age six), and Ciro (age four). Fabregas was accompanied by his wife Daniella Semaan and their three children, Lia, Capri, and Leonardo.

According to the Daily Mail, the two soccer stars purchased a $318,000 (€303,000) per week mansion on the Spanish island with six bedrooms, a gym, and a 65-foot (20-meter) swimming pool with 22 workers.

Nothing beats being on the water, so the two went sailing. According to the same source, Lionel Messi’s wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, shared images of the two chartering Shaliman II.

Shaliman II, a 90-foot wide open yacht, with a beam of 20’5′′ (6.23 m) and a draft of 5’5′′ (1.65 m). Pershing, an Italian shipyard, built it in 2009 with a GRP hull and superstructure. Twin MTU engines power it to 38 knots (44 mph / 70 kph) at cruise and 44 knots (51 mph / 81 kph) at top speed, according to Yacht Charter Fleet.

The boat was renovated in 2018 to sleep eight people in four suites: a master suite, a VIP cabin, and two twin cabins. For $62,500 (€59,000) per week plus expenses, the yacht includes four crew members to meet your every need.

On vacation, the two couples also stayed at Lionel Messi’s Mim Hotel.

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