Lionel Messi reacted on Instagram about joining the U23 team at the 2024 Olympics in Paris Ronaldo bought a super villa on Dubai’s ‘Billionaires Island’ located on a 3,000 square meter campus, with 6 bedrooms, spa, swimming pool and very close to the sea.

Lionel Messi, the captain of Argentina’s Under-23 squad, expressed his reaction on Instagram after the team was awarded a spot at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

By virtue of their 1-0 victory over Brazil on Sunday (February 11), Argentina was able to secure the position of one of the two South American countries that will be competing in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. As a result of the aforementioned outcome, Brazil, the team that triumphed at the Tokyo Olympics and took home the gold medal, will be crowned the past champion of this competition.

Following the triumphant victory of his junior team, Messi promptly responded on Instagram by writing, “Vamos,” which is a quote that is meant to inspire.

Messi reacts after Argentina won a spot at the 2024 Paris Olympics 405608A reaction from Messi after his junior got tickets to attend the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024 was shown here. Source: Instagram photo.As one of the three players over the age of 23 who are permitted to compete in the tournament, Messi is eligible to take part in the competition. When asked about the possibility of the eight-time Golden Ball winner taking part in the competition, the team’s coach, Javier Mascherano, responded as follows (as reported by Mundo Deportivo):”Everyone is aware of the camaraderie that I share with Leo Messi, as well as both of our kindness. A player like him is always willing to come along with us, but in the end, it is obviously going to depend on Messi and the other contributors. his devotion.”

Mascherano (phải) cùng tuyển U23 Argentina mừng vé dự Olympic sau trận thắng Brazil 1-0 hôm 12/2 tại Venezuela. Ảnh: AFA

“You have to be cautious, obviously we will talk. With Leo Messi and Angel Di Maria we have a great relationship, we are friends. As coach I mean inviting them but everyone understands that they have other commitments and that will happen. Based on that, things are not that simple.”

Messi won a gold medal at the Olympics with Argentina in 2008. He is now headed to the MLS with Inter Miami , whose first match will begin on February 21 against Real Salt Lake.

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