Lionel Messi Makes His Grand Return with Inter Miami in Preseason Match Against El Salvador, Accompanied by Viral Bodyguard Yassine Chueko!

During the team’s friendly match against El Salvador, Lionel Messi’s renowned personal bodyguard made an incredible comeback to the Inter Miami star’s side.

Yassine Chueko, the bodyguard, gained notoriety last season after fans saw him watching from the sidelines during one of Messi’s first games in Miami. The fan noticed Chueko trying to follow the star during the game.

Lionel Messi’s famed personal bodyguard made his return to the Inter Miami star’s side

Messi and Miami played a preseason game against El Salvador on Friday evening

As thousands of fans waited for a glimpse of Messi, it was back to business for Yassine Chueko

Chueko went viral last season when fans noticed him patrolling the sidelines of a game

Messi and Miami went on to play a friendly against El Salvador’s national team that ended 0-0

Later on, it came to light that David Beckham personally chose Chueko, an MMA fighter and former US soldier, to guard Messi.

One day, a young fan charged the pitch in an attempt to take a picture before the renowned bodyguard stopped him, eventually forcing Chueko into action. Nevertheless, Messi nevertheless permitted the youngster to snap a picture with him.

Inter Miami needed Chueko’s services and those of other security forces on Friday night, even though the friendly match ended in a scoreless draw.

Videos on X showed thousands of supporters swarming the team buses hours before the game even started, dressed in Miami and Messi apparel, in an apparent attempt to catch a look of the players.

The price range of the game’s tickets has been $200–$400, and through third-party vendors, they have probably beyond that amount.

Estadio Cuscatlan in San Salvador can accommodate 53,400 spectators, so there’s a good likelihood that every seat will be filled to support the magician from Miami.

After arriving at the stadium for the match, Chueko was shown strolling beside Messi as the star player stepped off the bus and waved to the throngs of supporters gathered outside, preventing the Argentine from getting any closer than an arm’s length away.

More people were agitated before the game than throughout the boring soccer match that took place on the field.

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