The snake entered the turtle’s shell to attack and received a surprise ending

The video aƄoʋe captures the rare movement as a 5½-long ʋoʋoυs tries to attack a turtle. Before the army’s attack, the turtle was extremely scared and quickly retracted its beak into its shell to be safe.

Distracted by the strong shell of the turtle, the stick was angry and decided to go directly inside the shell to attack its prey. However, this caused the head of the club to become trapped inside the turtle’s shell.

Vex speakers have the ability to defeat all prey and have few species in the wild, while turtles are known for fighting, shy and protected with a tough shell. So the fight between the aggressors and the turtle resembles a spear against a shield.

The fact that the head was stuck in the turtle’s shell caused the snake to suffer pain and panic. It moved its tail frantically to get out, but still missed.

It took 5 minutes for the fire to come out of the turtle’s shell. He immediately “galloped like a jaʋeli,” fleeing the scene of fear. Perhaps after this incident, the poisons have learned a life lesson for themselves, they are definitely not attached to the “martial” turtle. The turtle shell looks like a strong shield on the outside, but on the inside it is a combination of riƄs and spie. A turtle’s shell is so thick and hard that it escapes most predators. Therefore, turtles do not

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