Dramatic Rescue Mission: Injured Elephant Saved in the Heart of Masai Mara

In a remarkable turn of events, a young male elephant in the Masai Mara found itself in distress with a spear lodged in its hindquarters, seeking urgent help.

The Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit, typically responsible for such cases, was unavailable, prompting a quick call to the SWT Sky Vet for immediate assistance.

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The response team, comprised of Dr. Ephantus Ndambiri from KWS and Peter Mbulu, an elephant keeper from SWT, swiftly coordinated efforts to provide aid. An airplane was arranged to transport the team to the Keekerok airstrip in the Mara.

Simultaneously, Mr. Nkoitoi, the Mara Senior warden, ensured his rangers monitored the elephant’s condition, fearing it might cross into Tanzania without treatment.

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With efficient coordination, the Sky Vet team landed on August 3 at 2:00 pm and was promptly transported to the distressed elephant’s location.

The scene unfolded along the picturesque Sand River, adorned with charming sausage and fig trees, against the backdrop of the ongoing wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara.

Amidst the elephant family peacefully grazing on lush green grass, the young bull stood out, enduring the discomfort of a lodged spear. Maneuvering off the beaten path, the team faced challenges from the protective herd.

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After administering a tranquilizer dart from the safety of their vehicle, the matriarch and the herd expressed concern and fear with loud trumpeting as the young bull collapsed.

Amid the chaos, Dr. Ndambiri attended to the injured elephant, ensuring a clear airway before treating the deep wound.

As the herd tried to protect the fallen companion, the spear dislodged itself, allowing the doctor to clean the wound and apply natural green clay to prevent infection.

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Injectable antibiotics and a revival drug were administered, and the elephant regained consciousness, slowly walking away, relieved from the pain.

The unfortunate incident could have had fatal consequences without timely intervention by various teams, including Mara Warden and his rangers, KWS Researcher Vasco Nyaga, and SWT supporting the Sky Vet team.

The dedication of these individuals ensured the successful recovery of the young male elephant surrounded by its caring family, avoiding a potentially tragic outcome.

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We extend our gratitude to all those who played a crucial role in this heartwarming rescue.

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