In a Heartwarming Rescue Video, Two Tiny Puppies Display Their Deep Connection, Melting Hearts with Their Bond.

Teddy is the best big brother Bear could ask for. He wasn’t about to let him get left behind. 🥰

As humans, we love to have someone to turn to when things don’t go well in our life.

Someone like an angel that will be by our side no matter what. And most of the time, these angels that we want in life are called siblings.

Like us, dogs love companionship.

They might be jealous at first, but there’s nothing compared to the feeling of having someone with you.

Same with these cute puppies who were both lost in the wild when they lost their mom.

They’ve been with each other since day 1.

Meet Teddy and Bear.

Teddy and Bear are brothers.

But Teddy is bigger than bear, based on their physical appearance.

In this video uploaded by Stray City channel on Youtube, a man heard a cry from a puppy while riding his bicycle.

He stopped riding to search for it, and he found this cute puppy that he named Teddy.

But before he finally got Teddy, he needed to follow the puppy because he took off running.

Finally, he catches Teddy, but then he heard another cry.

There’s another puppy beneath the grass.

No puppy left behind.

It seems that Teddy won’t leave without his brother.

Through thick and thin, the brothers will make sure to have one another.

The rescuer gave them food and you’ll see that they seem like they hadn’t eaten for a couple of days already.

Thank God that someone passed by in that area and found them.

One of the comments in the video share that they hope that they will grow up healthy.

And their wish came true when the uploader shared an additional video of the 2 puppies playing together, now healthy.

They still love running amok outdoors.

One of the highlights of the video is the advocacy of the channel.

They want to raise awareness for the stray dogs abandoned by their owners.

They want to also appeal to people to be responsible pet owners and of course to also adopt these poor puppies.

Could anyone say no to these cuties?

All the videos on the channel were edited by the volunteers of the said community and it reflects the reality that the dogs are facing on the street.

Their bond is obviously strong.

According to recommendations from The Spruce Pets, dogs prefer to have another dog that will be with them when their owner is away.

And there are several benefits of having 2 or more dogs.

The number one benefit is that playtime is really important for a dog’s health and mood.

It also involves the overall development of a dog.

The other benefit is that the togetherness of two dogs will definitely help each other to avoid the separation anxiety that is common with dogs.

And in the case of Teddy and Bear, they will grow up healthy and happy for sure because they are together all the time.

Just look at these two cuties.

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