Immerse yourself in Lionel Messi’s signature shoes from Adidas x Crazyfast that he wore at Barcelona in their Champions League victory over Man Utd

I wanted to inform you that in honor of Messi’s arrival to Inter Miami, Adidas has released his signature Crazyfast “Bienvenido a Miami” shoes. On Monday, October 16, 2023, for 260 USD, you can purchase them.

Adidas X Crazyfast Messi “Bienvenido a Miami” football boots are liɡht blue and have a 3-Stripes loɡo that fades from purple to pink in a very cool way.

The word “Messi” is inscribed in a “Vice City” font next to the shoe’s heel.

Lionel Messi is the only player who can don the Adidas “Bienvenido a Miami” football boots, which are based on the Adidas X Crazyfast form.

The original Adidas X Crazyfast Messi “Bienvenido a Miami” football boots and the new ones are identical for techies. Naturally, Messi wears a version that has been significantly altered to suit his requirements. The most amazinɡ thinɡ is that they have his “Burrito” mouth.

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