Astonishing Encounter: Antelope Leaps to Elephant’s Height in Stunning Photo

A breathtaking wildlife photograph showcases an antelope, specifically an impala, leaping the same height as an elephant at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana.

Wildlife photographer Janet Kleyn, 52, captured the impressive feat as the two animals unexpectedly met eye-to-eye in mid-air.

Impalas are known for their incredible leaping abilities, which they use for self-defense and amusement.

These graceful animals can jump three meters high when startled, displaying their strength and agility to potential predators or intruders.

An antelope leaped to the height of an elephant in an incredible moment captured by a wildlife photographer. Source: Daily Mail

Kleyn, photographing the approaching elephant from an underground hide, recalled the surprise moment when the impala jumped into her viewfinder.

She explained that the impala likely hadn’t noticed the approaching elephant until the last moment as it drew closer to the water.

Fortunately, the elephant showed no signs of aggression towards the impala during their extraordinary encounter.

The impala was eye to eye with the huge mammal as it jumped in the air at the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana. Source: Daily Mail

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