HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Simple daily life images of Messi and his family at the beginning of the new year.

Louis XV I was winding down with a video to a friend’s house in ForT La derdale in the middle of his journey to live with InTer Miami.

The 36-year-old man was with his wife. Antonela Roccazzo, 35, and their three kids—Tiago, 10, Teo, 7, and Ciro, 5—were about to leave their home in South Florida.

I felt at ease in a baggy white T-shirt, a pair of slacks, and flip-flops while he drank his favorite herbal tea, just two days after he got the idea. There was a comeback win over FC Dalla in The League Cup T 16.

Until then, As an Argentine model and influencer, AnTonela looked great in long, wide-leg pants and an orange crop top.

AnTonela tied the knot with the soccer star in 2017. She wore her natural Tre hair in a high ponytail and finished off the look with a right pink and coral lip. Good morning, Vidya ToTe Äag.

I showed up with my friend Lasca Saglia, who is an Italian soccer coach and used to play.

This is Scaglia, Tonela’s partner grew up with It was me and the reporter who introduced the group to Ter.

Their family vacation came just over a week after they were put on a home-staying trip in Boca Raton coming after It was a big deal for me to move to Miami.

Thiago, their elder son, was with them. He wore an Inside Miami shirt with his father’s name on it.

I’m going to move to the UniTed STaTe was confirmed last Monday with a glitzy event before his announcement, and The It was a great start to his life in Miami, where he scored an equalizing goal in the first game.

I walked up to the house, which looked like it had a golf putting green. Someone might have even been seen, clenched fist in hand, giving I have a short demon story.

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