Fort Lauderdale attract residents and investors since Lionel Messi purchased a $10.8 million home here. ‎

Lionel Messi’s presence in Fort Lauderdale has sparked substantial interest in both the city and the local real estate market. The soccer star, who recently joined with Inter Miami CF, spent $10.75 million on a waterfront villa in the Bay Colony, a prominent island community noted for its waterfront mansions and high-level security.

Messi and his wife, model Antonela Roccuzzo, have attracted significant media attention to the area, attracting international interest. While some believe Messi’s presence will stimulate demand and create a new price standard for the neighborhood’s real estate, others contend that celebrity neighbors do not often result in big increases in property values.

While living close to a celebrity can boost a neighborhood’s attraction, it may not result in significant price rises for individual houses, according to Ron Shuffield, president and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices EWM Realty. Instead, it helps to improve the neighborhood’s reputation and desirability.

Beyond Bay Colony, Fort Lauderdale has grown in popularity, transitioning from a spring break resort to a booming economic center and a sought-after site for permanent inhabitants. This tendency is projected to continue, bolstered by Messi’s presence and the building of Inter Miami’s stadium.

Messi bought an eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half-bathroom estate with 170 feet of riverfront, two docks, a gymnasium and spa area, an office, and a huge master bedroom suite. It’s in Bay Colony, a wealthy neighborhood noted for its 24-hour armed security and closeness to prestigious private schools.

Messi’s relocation to Fort Lauderdale is not only a huge development for the city, but also evidence of South Florida’s expanding appeal outside Miami, as additional locations within the region continue to attract people and investment.

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