This diver finds a huge crayfish in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

A video recently posted on YouTube has sent the online community into a frenzy, showing off the sight of remarkably giant lobsters. The YBS Youngbloods, a group dedicated to nature research and exploration, have revealed that they have never before encountered lobsters of such colossal proportions. In fact, the last lobster they caught exceeded all expectations, becoming the largest they had ever seen!

In the video, YBS Youngbloods conducts a unique experiment comparing soft-shell and hard-shell lobsters. They delve into the flavor and quality differences between these two types of lobsters, offering viewers a deeper understanding of their distinctions and the optimal cooking methods for each.

In addition to their lobster research, the YBS Youngbloods also create an amazing passion fruit sauce with fruit picked from their own garden. This sauce features a harmonious blend of refreshing passion fruit essence and delicious lobster flavors. It’s an unexpected combination that will leave everyone amazed!

This video not only captures stunning footage of these colossal lobsters, but also provides an exciting culinary experience and a glimpse into the wonders of nature. YBS’s Youngbloods have inspired viewers to explore and savor unique seafood delicacies like lobsters in their daily lives.

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