This snake gave up its venom and fangs to eat eggs

When we think of snakes, we generally consider carnivorous predators that kill all small animals through constriction or ʋenoм. For most snakes, that would be true, but not all. There is a group of snakes known as “egg-eating snakes” that have gone to live exclusively in the eggs of others. Imagining a snake swallowing an egg three times its width is quite comical, but it really exists in nature! Today, we are going to learn and discover everything about these egg-eating snakes and get their complete history. You might learn something new!

What snakes eat eggs? Can they be pets? Although many snakes can and do eat eggs, most snakes also eat other prey. Only the Indian egg-eating snake (elachistodon westeränni) and the African egg-eating snake (dasypeltis) have the specific Ƅiological composition required to survive solely on third-party eggs.

The Indian egg-eating snake is extremely rare, so the most common African egg-eating snake is the type usually found as pets. There are several species of African snakes that eat eggs; The most common for pet purposes is the rhoмƄic or common egg-eating snake (dasypeltis scabra).

All members of the two groups are not huge and have adapted to living in places with many birds (to provide enough eggs for their diet). Many of these snakes are relatively common, but there are some species that are quite rare!

What is an African egg-eating snake like? How long do they live? Egg eaters are quite small. Females will grow to between two and three feet, but males are smaller. This is a very important factor in determining the size of the eggs they eat, as many eggs, including chicken eggs, will be too large for them.

Assuming the snake is treated well, a pet snake that feeds on eggs is likely to live longer than a wild snake and may live more than ten years, although this will depend on several factors, including whether they are fed the type and correct egg size. , how good the snake’s appetite is and how often it feeds, the state of its living conditions and whether it gets sick.

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