Amazing encounter: World’s largest sea turtle emerges from the depths, leaving onlookers in awe

Sea turtles are majestic creatures and this one seen by tourists on a beach is the largest in the world.

The leatherback turtle was seen emerging from the sea in an unknown location, resting in the sand and then returning to disappear into the waves.

These turtles are known to be the largest of all and it is very rare to see them resting on the shore. Its peculiarity is its teardrop-shaped body and the large pair of front fins. Thanks to these they can navigate the waters effortlessly and adapt to the currents. Leatherback turtles’ front flippers can grow up to 8.9 feet, which is a lot compared to any other turtle, but it is not their only distinguishable feature. The most obvious is that they do not have a bony shell, but rather have thick skin, which looks like leather and hence their name.

Leatherback turtles are usually dark gray or black with some white spots. To see this amazing specimen for yourself, watch the video of the one spotted on the beach.

What is the largest sea turtle?

According to the National Ocean Service

The leatherback turtle is the largest living sea turtle.

Weighing between 550 and 2,000 pounds and lengths up to six feet, the leatherback is a big turtle! Leatherback turtles can be distinguished from other sea turtle species by the lack of a hard shell or scales. Instead, leatherback turtles are covered with firm, rubbery skin.

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