On its way down from the ceiling, a giant python swallows a small animal.

Imagine yourself at home, doing your own business, when you suddenly look out into your backyard and notice a carpet python hanging from your roof.

Not only is the giant stick hanging out there<Ƅ>, but it’s actually in the middle of a tasty sack. Well, at least tasty for speech, for you it’s just scary. That’s exactly what happened recently to one family in question, where they witnessed a huge fortune teller tearing an advertising-sized position into their right side.

Radio receiver Stυart McKezie was called to the Sυпshipe and Qυeeпslaпd coast home early on Wednesday, May 13, after its residents saw the radio sliding along their roof. he’ and he was shocked to see the 6.5 foot pole hanging from the family’s roof with a large rigging tail hanging from its mouth.

Not wanting to distract his meal, Start waited an hour to let the fortune teller finish gesticulating with the possession. ‘I knew that if she tried to take him right then and there, he would probably drop her food and she wouldn’t want to eat it again,’ she explained. ‘It’s just normal, so the best outcome is that the blackberry feeds because it’s already dead.’

The people at home were very good to him and were quite intrigued by the whole thing. After Sake had finished his meal,

Stυart transported him from the family home and released him to appear “a short distance from the houses” so that the fortune teller could digest her food in peace.

‘He will have looked for a place of ice and war to keep warm and digest that big meal for the next week,’ the radio receiver explained.

Pythonesses are lice species, so they catch their prey and wrap it around the animal and kill it before swallowing it whole.

This particular beam was able to encompass the large possession because the fortune tellers’ jaws are capable of locking to stretch around larger creatures. Well, more like them than me.

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