Elephants Finally Freed After 80 Years of Captivity in Thailand: A New Life Awaits

Two elephants, Boonme and Buabaan, have finally gained their freedom after spending up to 80 years in captivity as laborers in Thailand.

Previously subjected to grueling work in the logging industry and elephant trekking trade, they are now enjoying a new life at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.

Thanks to a significant fundraising campaign, these elephants were rescued from a life of chains and exhaustion.

Watch the video at the end.

Canadian YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Christian Leblanc was vital in raising funds to secure their release.

Elephants Were Abused And Forced To Work For Over 50 Years Are Finally Free 2
The moment elephants kept as slaves for up to 80 years were finally released to roam free in Thailand. Source: Daily Mail

Now surrounded by the comforts of a river and mud bath, 80-year-old Boonme and 50-year-old Buabaan spend their days splashing, playing, and feasting on fresh fruits and vegetables. This peaceful existence starkly contrasts the harsh conditions they endured for decades.

Leblanc shared his joy at seeing the elephants’ newfound happiness, noting that they’ve formed an inseparable trio with a new best friend named BaiCha.

Before their release, these elephants carried countless tourists daily, sometimes even collapsing from exhaustion.

Elephants Were Abused And Forced To Work For Over 50 Years Are Finally Free 1
Boonme and Buabaan have spent most of their lives in the logging industry and elephant trekking trade, where they were forced to work until exhaustion while bound by chains. Source: Daily Mail

The rescue operation involved a 15-hour truck journey to Surin and a 23-hour return trip, transporting the elephants in specially designed trucks.

Leblanc’s upcoming documentary, “Black Tusk,” seeks to raise awareness about the cruelty inherent in Thailand’s elephant trekking industry and promote responsible elephant tourism.

Image 359
After a major funding campaign, they were finally freed from their owners and released into Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. Source: Daily Mail
Elephants Were Abused And Forced To Work For Over 50 Years Are Finally Free 3
The rescue was made possible with the help of YouTube vlogger and filmmaker Christian Leblanc (pictured), 23, from Canada. He helped to raise thousands of dollars to pay for their release. Source: Daily Mail
Image 360
To reach the pair, Christian and his team traveled by truck for 15 hours to a town called Surin. Source: Daily Mail
Image 361
The elephants were purchased for thousands of dollars before being transported to the Elephant Nature Park in custom-made trucks. Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:

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