Heartwarming Reunion: Elephant Mother and Adopted Daughter Share Tearful Embrace After Years Apart

The saying “an elephant never forgets” holds in every aspect of their lives, including motherhood.

A heartwarming story from Thailand illustrates the strength of maternal bonds in animals, even when they are not biologically related.

Watch the video at the end.

Mebai, a baby elephant, was separated from her biological mother and sold to a tourism camp that offered treks through the Thai jungle.

At the center, Mebai formed a close bond with an older female elephant named Mae Boon Sri, who cared for her as if she were her daughter.

Mother Elephant Cries And Hugs Her Adopted Child After Many Years Of Separation
Source: Youtube/elephant news

Eventually, Mebai was released to an elephant sanctuary and reunited with her biological mother.

However, this meant that Mae Boon Sri was left without a daughter, and Mebai was once again separated from a motherly figure in her life.

Mae Boon Sri was rescued and brought to the same elephant sanctuary years later. She had retired from the tourism industry due to her inability to carry the weight of humans any longer.

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The journey to the sanctuary took days and was documented by a film crew as humans accompanied Mae Boon Sri on her trip without any restraints.

Upon arrival at the sanctuary, an incredible moment unfolded as Mae Boon Sri reunited with her adoptive daughter, Mebai, and met her biological mother for the first time.

The video below captures both mothers interacting and making loud noises as if celebrating the reunion.

Elephant Mother And Adopted Daughter Share Tearful Embrace After Years Apart
Source: Youtube/elephantnews

Mebai, who was six years old, tenderly touched both of her mothers, showing love and appreciation for them.

Handlers observed the massive animals’ joyous trumpets, noises, and vocalizations, emphasizing that elephant daughters usually live with their mothers for their entire lives as part of an elephant herd.

Separation from a mother can have severe consequences on an elephant’s well-being. The emotional reunion between Mae Boon Sri, Mebai, and her biological mother serves as a reminder that humans and animals may not be so different after all.

Elephant Mother And Adopted Daughter Share Tearful Embrace After Years Apart 1
Source: Youtube/elephantnews

Watch the video below:

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