Unbelievable Rescue Mission: Elephant Freed from Cable Snare in Shimba Hills

In a shocking incident on April 16, a distress call alerted authorities to a lone elephant stranded at the KWS airstrip in the Shimba Hills.

The massive creature had fallen victim to a cable snare tightly wound around its front left leg, causing a severe injury that left it isolated from its herd.

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Responding swiftly, a ‘Sky Vet’ mission was organized, deploying a Cessna 206 that took off promptly from Kaluku at 1:30 pm.

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The expert team, led by KWS vet Dr. Poghon, reached the Shimba Hills National Reserve on the south coast of Kenya within thirty minutes, ready to provide critical medical care.

Upon landing, the team collaborated with KWS rangers, scouts, and private property owners, united in the mission to assist the distressed elephant.

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The search began early in the day, and after meticulous efforts, the injured elephant was discovered concealed in dense vegetation.

Dr. Poghon faced challenges administering a tranquilizer dart due to thick foliage but eventually succeeded.

Once sedated, the rescue team carefully worked to free the elephant from a thick wire cable snare, similar to those used in heavy-duty winches.

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Delicately coaxing the snare loose, they used bolt cutters to remove it altogether. The wound was treated with painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics.

Remarkably, within just half an hour of treatment, the elephant could stand independently, free from the wire trap that had ensnared it.

The relieved creature made its way toward the Shimba Hills, likely in search of its herd.

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However, given the severity of the injury, ongoing medical attention is probable. Local teams will monitor and update on the elephant’s progress.

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