Queensland conundrum: Locals on edge as 9m ‘dinosaur-sized’ crocodile reportedly wanders nearby stream

Crocodile hunters Michaela and Mick Johnston say if Patterson’s claims are true, the world’s largest crocodile could be lurking in Normaton, east of where they captured a 4.93 meter reptile in the NT earlier this year .

Locals in a Queensland township are terrified as rumors circulate about a colossal crocodile said to be lurking in a nearby stream. According to witnesses, this “dinosaur-sized” beast measures nine meters long, which could make it the largest crocodile in the world. However, skepticism remains among experts who are waiting for concrete evidence to support these claims.

Crocodile hunter Michaela Johnston (pictured) has been fighting crocodiles for thirteen years and has doubts about the lack of evidence surrounding Patterson’s record-breaking claims.

Papanine Patterson shared a harrowing account of her uncles’ encounter with the huge reptile while traversing bushland in Normanton, west of Cairns. Patterson firmly believes the creature, which he refers to as a “dinosaur,” still roams very nearby. The claim is backed by two experienced crocodile hunters who recently captured and displayed a five-metre crocodile, claiming it could rival the largest in the world if corroborated by Mr Patterson’s findings.

Michaela and Mick recently hunted two crocodiles that had seven cattle tags inside their stomachs.

Michaela and Mick Johnston, renowned crocodile hunters, are intrigued by the possibility that Normanton could be home to the largest crocodile ever recorded. His past exploits include capturing a 4.93 meter reptile in the Northern Territory. Michaela Johnston, however, expressed skepticism about the lack of concrete evidence surrounding the alleged nine-metre crocodile. She believes that such a massive creature would inevitably leave behind substantial footprints, challenging the authenticity of claims made so far.

Cassius is the world’s largest living crocodile in captivity. He lives in northern Queensland, is around 113 years old and measures 5.48 meters long.
While some people have reported witnessing the giant reptile, it has never been photographed, which is adds to the mystery and intrigue surrounding its existence. Michaela Johnston, drawing on her thirteen years of experience fighting crocodiles, remains unconvinced by the current lack of tangible evidence. In her opinion, if the creature really is nine meters long, she would certainly leave a trail of evidence.

Shepherd Elton Thompson of Normanton measured slip marks in 2010 and estimated the crocodile was 8 meters long.

Reflecting on his encounters with crocodiles, Johnston recounted his most impressive experience with a 6.4-metre specimen in Papua New Guinea. This colossal creature had claimed the lives of thirteen villagers and left an indelible impression on her. He emphasized the danger these animals represent and the excitement that comes from his profession.

Mareeba in Queensland has a replica of the 8.63 meter crocodile shot by Krystina and Ron Pawloski

In an industry dominated by men, Michaela Johnston expressed her desire to see more female crocodile hunters. While she recognizes Terri Irwin’s achievements, she longs for greater gender diversity in her line of work. Passionate about protecting ranchers from the threat of large crocodiles, Johnston emphasized the critical role water plays in both crocodile habitats and the needs of livestock.

It is important to note that the current record holder for the largest living crocodile in captivity is Cassius, who resides in northern Queensland. Cassius, approximately 113 years old, is 5.48 meters long. However, the supposed nine-metre crocodile at Normanton, if proven to exist, would surpass even the colossal proportions of Cassius.

Cassius is over 110 years old and lives in captivity in northern Queensland

As residents of this Queensland township eagerly await more evidence, the legend of the world’s largest crocodile continues to capture their imagination. Until concrete evidence emerges, the monstrous crocodile will remain an enigmatic and mythical creature stalking the waters of far north Queensland.

Cassius celebrates his 110th birthday with a 20-kilogram chicken neck cake

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