Overcoming Physical Challenges: Determined Individual Strives Hard for His Refugee Family

Back just kidding.

Courage is not the absence of fear.

It is the capacity to continue despite them, no matter how great or overwhelming they become.

The greatest people are those that build up the positive parts of their life, no matter what they are going through.


He is called Seba, the father of this child.

This is his wife and a mother to this disabled child as well.

The child is called Marco.

He is 10 years old.

Well, there might be a lot of different directions and places that life may lead us to, but for this family they ended up in a refugee camp.

It is one big family of a father, mother and the nine children that they gave birth to in a refugee camp.

Of course they do not have a house and this tent, as small as it is, it’s what they live in.

As a family of 11 people, though.

Marco is disabled.

He works hard to earn money for his mother.

He entertains people in this camp by singing and dancing for them.

They give him money as a reward and he hands this to his mother.

It’s a life that has never been easy for everyone in this camp, due to the terrible situations that they are going through each and every day.

These include hunger and employment, which also lead to crimes like theft and other sorts of violence.

This is Safari, Marco’s uncle and their neighbor as well.

Surprisingly, what Marco is doing today was safari’s idea, since he looked at him as a boy that was disabled, so lonely, and he felt less confident about himself.

Today we are in the democratic Republic of Congo, also known as the Drc, the second largest country in Africa, with a population of 89.56 million people, according to the 2020 population census, and this is where we fund Marco.

In the beginning, this was a family that had a home and a place to live, but, due to the volcanic eruption that happened, destroyed their homes, and this is the reason why they decided to move to a new place to rebuild their lives, and this is how they ended up: living in a refugee camp.

A refugee is someone that has been forced to flee his country because of persecution, war or even violence, but for them it was due to natural disasters.

Seba says that by the time they came here, they hadn’t given birth to all the nine children.

Some of them were born right here.

He says that Marco is the seventh one of his children, and he was so shocked to see and believe that this is how their child had turned out to be.

It was hard for him and his wife to accept this in the first place, but as time went by, they finally learned to accept and live with this fact.

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