Meet Thor, the majestic Bengal cat with a flawless coat

Thor, a Bengal cat, is known for his captivating emerald green eyes and stunning tabby coat that shines to perfection, making him an internet sensation. Bengal cats are unique because they still possess some of their wild cat DNA, which sets them apart from other domestic cat breeds. They have distinctive character traits, such as being playful, vocal, and water-loving. Additionally, they can be trained to learn tricks and even walk on a leash. Their coats come in different colors, from marbled to striped in shades of black, gray, sand or orange. Thor’s owner, Rani Cucicov, considers herself his servant. She shared that every time he meows, they are ready to serve him, but they get a lot of love in return. Follow Thor on Instagram to see more majestic images of this impressive feline.

“We are always eager to help you as soon as you speak.”

“However, I have to confess that we received a lot of love for it!”

Thor is a feline always on the move and incredibly affectionate!

My feline companion tends to be quite talkative. If we ignore his constant meowing, he becomes quite agitated and upset.

Once a day, usually before bed, he goes wild and starts climbing the walls like a spider.

It seems as if he resembles a young man who resists bedtime.

“After a short period, he manages to relax and goes to sleep.”

Unlike some felines that are known to flee at the slightest hint of a stranger’s presence, our cat is quite different. Every time we have a guest, he takes it upon himself to investigate and inspect who it is by smelling their scent.

“If he approves, Thor will let you know with a series of loud meows that cannot be ignored.”

We appreciate your time, Rani Cucicov, for taking the opportunity to share with Bored Panda about your adorable feline companion!

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