At 20 inches tall, Pumuckel the for the title of the world’s smallest horse

A ponƴ art therapist from Shetland called Pumuckel who visits German kindergartens and retirement homes is about to break the Guinness World Record as the world’s smallest ponƴ, owner Carola Weıdemann told Reuters.

Pumuckel is a three-year-old ponƴ who lives in western Germany, the outlet reported. He looms over sturdy hooves that measure about 20 inches tall and is an absolute “darling,” Weidemann said.

Although the current record holder, Bombel, a small Appaloosa horse born with dwarfism, is about 2 inches taller than Pumuckel, Guinness World Record told Weıdemann in an email that ponies under four years of age are not eligible for the title. . So, Weidemann will try again next year, he said via the outlet.

Custom Nıkes, Adıdas for horses? This Kentuck shoe is extending the ‘drip’ to hooves

Bask in the glory of Pumuckel, a hopeful champion for all the lower kings and queens of the horse kingdom:

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